• NoMachine

    From AITW to All on Thu Mar 21 02:52:06 2024
    Howdy All,

    Been using nomachine paired with tailscale for remote access of all my boxes linux and windows included and has been a quite powerful solution with no firewall rules however it appears I have been using X11 and not wayland because when I try on my Garuda Kde wayland box it no longer works. Worked when it was X11 in session manager but would rather not live in the past. What are you guys using when you must have a GUI ? I am after a install and set and forget.

    And next one BBS related what are you guys using to navigate this bbs. I am using Netrunner from the mysticbbs project which I like a lot reminds me of terminate in the dos days.

    Cheers and Beers,
    (ARCH is the WAY)